Hanging Ornamental Plants Caring Tips

Hanging flower
Image / pixabay.com

For those of you who do not have enough land to create the park, of course, use hanging plants could be an alternative choice. In addition to not consume a lot of lands, hanging ornamental plants are also able to make the home atmosphere became beautiful and look more beautiful. For those of you who are interested in using plants hanging as decoration of the room, you should notice some of the following tips:

1.Knows first type plant species
Basically, any plant can be grown in hanging pots. Such as Ivory, White Betel, Tread Dara White or Red, Lipstick flowers, orchids, cacti, and ferns. However, vines such as geranium and petunia are the type most suitable for hanging used as ornamental plants because the leaves will grow over the pot so that it looks more beautiful.

2. Adjust the sunshine
Lipstick and flower cactus is a plant that requires direct sunlight and will not grow up when putting in the shade. But not all plants need sunlight hanging. If plants are dry and withered, immediately move to a more shaded and protected.

3. Select the appropriate pot
Pots made of plastic is the most widely chosen because they are lightweight and practical. In addition, clay pots can also be used. Why, clay pots better in maintaining soil moisture where plants grow. Only, pots made of clay is more easily broken and mossy.

4. Election of a hanging rope
A hanging rope for potted ornamental plants are sold in the market and also a flower shop. Choose a strong rope and able to withstand the weight of an ornamental plant and its pot. Avoid hanging pots with rope or wire made themselves. Besides a lack of unsightly cords and wires are also less able to resist the weight of potted ornamental plants.

5. Watering right
Ornamental plants are often considered inconvenient for hanging dripping after flushing is complete. To avoid this, select a pot that has a receiver plate underneath. Moreover, flush ornamental plants hanging slowly using a long hose or spray.

6. Fertilizing regularly
In order for plants to flourish, give fertilizer once every two months. Note also the leaves to wilt or dry out. The leaves are wilting or drying up could be trimmed.