About Natural Granite Floor

natural granite floor tiles
Image / pixabay.com

The floor is made of natural granite intrusive rock types, and igneous common and is increasingly found in the market. The word granite comes from the fact granum, Latin. Generally in nature can be found in great shape, with the strength and power of which is pretty awesome. Many are also used for the structural elements of the building such as columns, but certainly, a column aimed at exposure such as gates, lobby, and others. But in general, we find this material in the form of flooring for hotels, apartments, luxury office buildings and luxury homes.

Excess floor Granite
Because granite flooring material has natural motifs and color, then the advantages of granite floor are also suitable for use on a variety of concepts such as architectural elements of classical, Mediterranean, retro, traditional, even today people use are also on the concept of a minimalist home. In addition to causing an impression of nature at home, it would also seem luxurious and exclusive.

Granite tile flooring is made from natural rock solid and very hard. Strong enough to function as a floor because it is resistant to friction or in other words “anti-scratch”. And even if scratched, it can still be overcome by grinding until a smooth surface is scratched. This erosion process is also called polishing in the world of construction and workmanship of course using special tools.

The granite floor compared to ordinary tile floors also have pores very small, so the absorption of water is relatively small at approximately 0.05%. If within a certain time or motive dull color, the granite tile floor can be polished (as described above) or using certain liquids.

Price Floor Granite
Floors made of natural granite is compared with a floor made of ceramic certainly in terms of higher prices. This may be because it is a mineral. But for consumers, as a price is certainly not a problem because it pays off by durability and appearance are natural yet luxurious and exclusive. Most people use it to show off their social status